Kourtney Kardashian: Get the Look!

Kourtney Kardashian: Get the Look!


I mean look at her! Kourtney Kardashian is probably one of the best dressed mothers out there, she d oes casual so well that I always wonder how I can redo her look by adding my own personal touch. This week on the blog I will be doing many “get the look” posts, taking some of the best dressed celebrities and trying to imitate the look by taking clothing that is just like theirs but that you can find in our everyday stores or that you can shop online. Summer is slowly creeping in here in Cape Town and we all know what this means, subtle fashion, cocktails on the beach front, oversized sunglasses, bags and hats and not forgetting those open toe wedges that most men seem to hate.

Getting back to our celebrity of the day, I am loving the single Kourtney so much right now, she looks so much younger and so much happier and it definitely shows in her fashion choices.

Take a look:


Theory black sleeveless top
2 290 ZAR – farfetch.com

Topshop destroyed jeans
570 ZAR – nordstrom.com

Black leather shoes
760 ZAR – newlook.com

Imitation purse
610 ZAR – styletread.com.au

Alexis Bittar bracelet jewelry
2 420 ZAR – nordstrom.com

Chanel buckle belt
11 365 ZAR – portero.com

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
385 ZAR – narscosmetics.com


Kendall & Kylie for Topshop

Kendall and Kylie are taking over the world and every girl’s closet.These two young, talented and beautiful sisters are blessed beyond measure, not only are they successful models, successful reality stars (if that’s a thing), but now they are successful fashion designers as well.  They are bringing a sense of unserious clothing exclusive to Topshop.

If you have always wanted to dress like these adorable teenagers, have a feel for vintage type clothing and love the LA Style then this collection is just for you.

Floral Jumpsuit

Floral Jumpsuit

Duster coat

Duster Coat

Floral Maxi

Floral Maxi

Blouson Top

Blouson Top

Floral Shorts

Floral Shorts

Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts

Broderie wrap top

Broderie Wrap Top

Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian Shirt

Wide-Leg Trousers

Wide-Leg Trousers

Raglan Top

Raglan Top

Layered Maxi Dress

Layered Maxi Dress

Here we can see Kendall and Kylie wearing this collection:














A style for every story.

A style for every story.

Pencil dress
475 ZAR – modebuy.com

Black high heel shoes
5 960 ZAR – nelly.com

Chanel shoulder bag
88 815 ZAR – cashinmybag.com

Balenciaga clutch
17 775 ZAR – balenciaga.com

Kiel Mead Studio mini necklace
3 065 ZAR – ahalife.com

Larsson Jennings bracelet jewelry
4 420 ZAR – larssonandjennings.com

Alessandra Rich chain jewelry
2 385 ZAR – forwardbyelysewalker.com

Rachel Zoe bracelet jewelry
1 000 ZAR – c21stores.com

River Island statement ring
215 ZAR – riverisland.com

Jean Paul Gaultier black umbrella
1 905 ZAR – rebelle.com

Quay black glasses
485 ZAR – princesspolly.com

Moisturizing mask
920 ZAR – ahalife.com

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics eye shimmer makeup
425 ZAR – neimanmarcus.com

Lime crime cosmetic
270 ZAR – princesspolly.com

Mink false eyelash
360 ZAR – sophiescloset.com

NARS Cosmetics black eye makeup
345 ZAR – net-a-porter.com

Makeup powder brush
98 ZAR – amazon.com

Urban Decay eyeshadow
255 ZAR – urbandecay.com

Hermès hermes fragrance
1 800 ZAR – bergdorfgoodman.com

Chanel fragrance
1 010 ZAR – neimanmarcus.com

NARS Cosmetics nail polish
265 ZAR – bloomingdales.com

Have woman been accepted into society?

When I decided to start my own blog, I had always said that I would not make it personal, but today I asked myself why shouldn’t I? More readers could relate when it’s personal.

Do you still believe in the old ways of doing almost everything for a guy, cooking for him, cleaning up after him, ironing his clothes, well, I truly believe that those days are long gone, I say this, not to be judgemental or stereotypical, just for the sake that I went through it and I felt no appreciation whatsoever. It truly upsets my stomach to see guys treat girls with the utmost disrespect, but what hurts even more, is that some girls are so stuck in the old ways of being obedient towards guys that they do absolutely nothing about it, except allow this disrespect to take place. Yes, we could say that these girls should stand up for themselves, but why do we have to defend ourselves all the time against these creatures who portray morals of animals? We constantly feel the need to basically make these guys feel better, by forgiving them time after time, while we get weaker and deteriorate because we have no one to make us feel better, yes it’s a bit of a cliche’, but its so true. What happen to empowering womanhood, what happened to woman having equal rights as men, what happen to independent young woman, building a career for themselves, instead of just fronting and being told what to do by their partners? This is probably the first time I have ever felt so strongly about this, I would always wonder what is wrong with these feminists, but going through a relationship where I constantly had to defend myself and getting over a particular stumbling block I now see why they are the way they are. Many woman might disagree and say that they love their partner and they would do anything to make them happy, but would you truly forfeit your own happiness in order to keep someone else happy, personally I would not, Yes, love comes with compromise, but compromising happiness was never part of the plan. Love is so planned these days, it doesn’t happen naturally anymore, it is kind of force, why can’t we as humans just wait for someone to love us naturally instead of forcing them into it by doing things for them, because doing things for somebody repeatedly makes them feel appreciated, but what about our feelings as woman, when are we going to be appreciated, why is there no simple thank you for what we do day in and day out.


Getting back to basically doing everything for the guy that you love, yes I’m all for making the person you love feel good, but I can’t stress enough that it’s not worth it, when the guy doesn’t see how much you are worth, or doesn’t appreciate it by simply saying thank you, you might not feel bad about it now, but in the long run, you are going to despise that person so much, that you are going to be miserable in the end. I’m not here to preach ladies, all I want to leave you with is that if you don’t feel appreciated and you do everything for your man, stop doing for a day and see if he notices, if he doesn’t he is truly not worth it. This goes for men who are in relationships with overpowering woman as well. Love is supposed to make you feel special and it’s supposed to be real. Think about it.


Kasley Xo

Dark Paradise

Dark Paradise, situated at 39 Kloof Street Gardens, Western Cape brings you fresh, fun and flirty fashion, designed and curated by their very own founder who finds inspiration from across the globe to bring you the latest in apparel, accessories and lifestyle products.

Leandra Dopereiro who is the founder of the store studied fashion design and pursued a career in designing her own clothes and featuring them in her very own store. This post will showcase only some of the clothes in store, just to give you a  brief taste as to what the store is all about. Not only does the store feature woman’s and men’s clothing, but also handbags, sunglasses, selfie sticks and jewelry.


This smashing outfit can be found in store:

Slogan Beanie: R195

Crop knit basic top: R330

Gold Shark Tooth Necklace: R125

Sunnies: R380

Denim High-Waist Shorts: R380

IPhone 5/5S cover: R195

Black Crop Top: Sold Out


Here we see the face of Dark Paradise Sian Bianca Moss in a Dark Paradise outfit:

Palm Tree Bomber Jacket: R320

Studded Collar George Blouse Pearl: R199

PU Shorts: R120

Black Pleat Backpack: R495


Chokers are possibly thee most spoken about accessory right now, between guys hating them and girls just buying and even making them. At Dark Paradise Store, the chokers are made in store, by the owner as well as by the shop assistants. The Prices range from between R75-R95.


This is one of my favourite looks and Sian genuinely looks good in anything:

Dope Slogan Beanie: R195

Striped Tassle Long-Sleeved Top: R370

Dungaree: R595

Black Pleat Back Pack: R495


Sian wears:

Bowler Hat: R250

Exclusive Sunnies: R395

Tassle Poncho: R360

Vintage Style Trench Coat: R695

Acid Blue high-waisted skinny: R595

2 Buckle square briefcase small: R460


Show off in these denim booty shorts this summer.


If You love Knitwear in Summer:

Melange Thin Knit Jersey: R350

S4 Phone Cover: R195

Assorted Pendant Necklace: R125

Plain Turnover High Waist Shorts: R380


California Girls.

Slogan Beanie: R195

Baseball Floral Sleeve Top: R320

Circle Link Chain Necklace: R150

High Waisted Ripped Denim Shorts Black: R395


Army Girls.

Cebow Wears:

Army Jacket: R750

Lace Bralet: R320

Boyfriend Vintage Jeans: R550

Bodychain: R310


Cross Wrap Chain Necklace: R175

High-Waisted Ripped Denim Shorts Acid Dye: R395

Flirty Flared Lacey Crop Top: R295

Wide Rim Hat: R279


More Chokers Ladies. 80’s Style.


California Girl, Day Dreaming.


Pastel Colours in summer are everything.


Sunnies R200-R395


Summer Accessories:

Flower halos: R80 & R170

Necklaces: R195

All of these items are available at Dark Paradise Store or you can inbox on Facebook and don’t forget to like the page while you at it.

R50.00 door to door delivery nationwide or spend R800.00 or more and you will receive free delivery to your door.

On Thursdays all students get 10% off.

Get cracking Humans!





Street Fashion!

For a while now, all I wanted to do was go up to random people on the streets and take pictures of their outfits and enquire about where they had bought them, what I got was even better, where I work (Dark Paradise Store in Kloof Street), I have two wonderful ladies, who have agreed to be my models each and every day. They are two beautiful ladies, who love fashion just as much as I do.

Over the past few days we took many photos of what they had decided to wear to work and we got amazing results. Cape Town is pretty well known for having killer street style, so the best place to capture these beautiful trendy people is in the heart of Cape Town, namely Kloof Street. There is a design school up the road from where I work, so we literally see different fashion trends everyday. It really is amazing witnessing ‘good fashion’ first hand.

Whether, it’s Vintage or an item that you bought in a store, the way you incorporate into your everyday wear, making it edgy, roughing it up a bit, that’s what Street Style is all about. Now that I am witnessing all of this first hand, I will be sharing each and every one of my experiences with you.

Take a look at these two beautiful ladies and their idea of Street Style:

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Here we see Jodie wearing Navy Jeans from Truworths, a red cropped turtle neck(which is probably the hottest thing for winter right now) from MrPrice and cut out boots from Woolworths.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Cebow wears these really cool leggings from The Lot, The Leather jacket she got from MrPrice and these really rad boots from Foschini.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

I wore Leggings from Cotton On, A cropped knitted jersey and leather sleeveless jacket both from MrPrice. My boots are from Legit.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Here Cebow looks absolutely ravishing in her Dark Paradise Winter Coat, she bought her Boy London tank top at Boy London in Claremont, her wedge boots are from Legit and her high-waisted shorts from MrPrice.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Jodie looks so stunning in her Truworths jeans, her knitted crop top from MrPrice and her boots are from Legit.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And we have to end off with a selfie ofcourse, here I am wearing ripped black jeans from MrPric, TopShop socks, a Grey turtle neck from legit and two Dark Paradise handmade chokers. My Boots are from Legit.


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Love what you wear!

Exams are literally stressing me out, I wrote my first exam today as a fashion journalist student, so this is partially the reason why I have been neglecting my blog. You guys are probably wondering where I even find the time to fit in this post, well I miss blogging so much that I decided to add a new post just to get my mind off studying for a bit. Blogging always gives me inspiration and motivation to study harder as I’m studying something that I love. Not only did I write my first exam, but I started a new job as well, yes, I know my life is kind of crazy at the moment, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Today’s post will focus on outfits for this crazy, weird weather Cape Town has experiencing, it’s only right that we stay warm, but fashionable as well. It’s not fully Winter yet, so do not expect boots and coats ladies.


I feel like my life would not be complete without an oversized jersey and a pair of converse. This is the perfect combination. A pair of jeggings is also a need for these chilly days, and this colour is everything. I think that burgundy is the new hot colour for Winter, stock up on jeggings, Cotton On has quite a few.


The Blazer and Tank Top trend is my absolute favourite, paired with jeans or any skinny leg pants is amazing. I am not a fan of pumps, like I don’t even own one pair, but if you feel like you can rock a pair of pumps with a blazer, then go for it, apparently its really comfortable.



Ankle boots as well as knee high boots will never go out of fashion, especially paired with a pair of light jeans, an oversized top or jersey and some accessories.


My ultimate favourite items whether it be summer or winter is light coloured jeans they go well with absolutely everything.


Boyfriend jeans is literally the future, paired with either a pair of cut out boots (Cotton On and Topshop) or a flat slip in sneaker, these are also very popular, but they will be in the next post, so I don’t want to say to much about them now.


Hats are perfect for the weather we are experiencing now, paired with boyfriend jeans and a graphic t-shirt. Once again Burgundy features this time in an oversized jersey.

Lastly, this is what I wore today. . .


Jacket: MrP Fashion

Cream Boyfriend Jeans: Jet (I know right)

Tank Top: Cotton On

Ankle Boots: Foschini




Topshop dress
1 060 ZAR – nordstrom.com

Topshop short sleeve skater dress
485 ZAR – nordstrom.com

Topshop cut out bodycon dress
635 ZAR – topshop.com

Topshop print dress
565 ZAR – topshop.com

Topshop boxy sweater
1 905 ZAR – nordstrom.com

Topshop slouchy top
765 ZAR – nordstrom.com

Topshop jersey tank top
165 ZAR – topshop.com

Topshop strappy crop top
165 ZAR – topshop.com

Topshop high neck crop top
165 ZAR – topshop.com

Topshop white crop shirt
210 ZAR – topshop.com

Topshop feather coat
3 335 ZAR – nordstrom.com

Topshop playsuit romper
1 120 ZAR – topshop.com

Topshop wrap mini skirt
340 ZAR – nordstrom.com

Topshop cropped cami
565 ZAR – topshop.com

Topshop ankle strap platform sandals
1 120 ZAR – nordstrom.com

Topshop black ankle bootie
1 025 ZAR – vestiairecollective.com

Topshop real leather shoes
880 ZAR – topshop.com

Topshop vegan leather bag
775 ZAR – nordstrom.com

Topshop necklace
330 ZAR – topshop.com

Topshop ring
325 ZAR – topshop.com

Topshop jewelry
140 ZAR – topshop.com

Topshop wide brim felt hat
665 ZAR – nordstrom.com

Topshop matte nail color
105 ZAR – topshop.com

River Island

River Island

River Island skater dress
880 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island skater dress
670 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island top
530 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island crop top
390 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island white t shirt
125 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island top
280 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island top
88 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island jacket
880 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island romper
795 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island romper
795 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island denim legging
705 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island blue jeans
705 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island skirt
615 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island swimsuits two piece
615 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island short skirt
265 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island tankini swimsuit top
280 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island high heel shoes
880 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island high heel shoes
880 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island wingtip shoes
795 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island oxford shoes
795 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island shoes
265 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island watch
495 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island ring
88 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island earrings
53 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island ring
18 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island fedora hat
440 ZAR – riverisland.com

River Island nail polish
70 ZAR – riverisland.com

How nude are you ?

How nude are you ?

Chelsea Flower wrap around top
1 580 ZAR – theoutnet.com

Elizabeth and James crop top
590 ZAR – theoutnet.com

Azalea crop top
600 ZAR – azaleasf.com

Crop top
330 ZAR – stylemoi.nu

Dsquared2 distressed jeans
5 500 ZAR – tessabit.com

Paige Denim boyfriend jeans
4 720 ZAR – brownsfashion.com

Monki boyfriend jeans
595 ZAR – monki.com

H&M blue jeans
555 ZAR – hm.com

H&M low rise jeans
555 ZAR – hm.com

Stuart Weitzman sandals
4 890 ZAR – piperlime.gap.com

Carvela Kurt Geiger platform shoes
2 405 ZAR – harrods.com

ALDO high heel boots
800 ZAR – asos.com

Jessica simpson shoes
615 ZAR – nordstromrack.com

Heels & pumps
385 ZAR – gojane.com