Post baby Bodies

Hey Dolls

This post is going to be a bit personal. I’m not sure if my readers know this but I have a 14 month old son named York, I gave birth to him last year on the 29th March round about 6 pm. It literally was the happiest day of my life (I’m sure all moms would agree). Yes, being a mom is not the easiest job but it is so rewarding, coming home to a smiling toddler when you walk through the front door can melt any person’s heart.

There is a lot of scrutiny surrounding what they call the ‘post baby body’ I personally hate this. If it’s not enough that we hardly have time to apply eyeliner in the morning let alone take a shower now we get judged because we have not lost the baby fat in a certain amount of time after giving birth. Yes I might sound like such an idiot because in some people’s eyes I have the perfect body, no I do not work out or eat healthily. I have always been slender even before giving birth to York, I have never had big breasts or a big behind. I still however get judged because now I am ‘too thin’ which basically states that I am stressed. Yes I am stressed out, I work a full time job, I study part time, I am a mom and I blog so how could I not be exhausted or forget to eat sometimes because feeding York is more important to me.

There are so many woman who are struggling so hard to get rid of the baby weight yet society just keeps on judging them, have a heart, we carried a beautiful soul in our bodies for 9 months gaining so much extra weight because we would eat anything in sight because we were now eating for two. We do not have the time to go to the gym because we have a child to take care of and who has the financial ability to be eating healthy when nappies, wipes and baby milk is what we spend most of our salary on.

It might sound like I’m complaining but I really am not being a mom is the biggest blessing but it is really hard and I want ‘society’ to understand this. Just because I have a full face of makeup everyday and take a million selfies it does not mean that I am not exhausted because I only seemed to get 4 hours of sleep or just because I have no make-up on and my outfit is a mess it does not mean that I am a bad mom and that I am not coping.

I read a blog recently and she said something that stuck with me take a look:

“You will never look the same again. Your body has changed. Forever. Even if you get back to your pre-baby weight, those pounds will be in all kinds of different places. The terrain has shifted and stretched, drooped in the most inconvenient spots and plumped up in others. For me, some bits feel worse than others: the way the bottom of my bum hangs out of my bathing suit; the new fold of skin at my knees from carrying all that extra weight for nine months (times three); my sagging belly button. Other parts emerge more beautiful than they were before: the curve of a hip; more pronounced cheekbones; lush, hormone-infused hair”

Be happy because a happy mommy makes a happy child.

Take a look at some of my post baby pictures:

  • Jumpsuit – YDE
  • Pink Heels – Mr Price
  • Brown Coat – Truworths

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