Black Friday

Black Friday

Hey Dolls

Hope you are having an amazing Friday.

My style has transformed over the years, now I love wearing plain and simple pieces but adding that one item that brings the outfit to life. What is considered to be ‘fashionable’ has evolved so much and by this I mean that fashion used to be over the top but nowadays it is extremely subtle with only one statement piece.

This creation showcases what Fashion is now perfectly. The plain white t-shirt has once again made it’s appearance. Every lady needs a plain white t-shirt, Mr Price as well as Refinery sells quite affordable options ranging from R49- R199 depending on the quality you would like. The white t-shirt featured in the set is really pricy only because it is pure cotton but hey if you can afford it why not (I definitely cannot).

The choker trend has just been gaining popularity, all those girls that said they would never wear chokers (Me included) have now all joined the bandwagon and got with this trend and I am absolutely loving it as there are so many new designs that have surfaced and they are so affordable.

Buckled belts are a must this Winter as it adds an edgy feel to your outfit. I have seen these at Topshop as well as Refinery. (Please note that I absolutely love Refinery)

I am obsessed with these sneakers from Steve Madden, although I cant wear it to work (no sneakers allowed as I work at a law firm) I will literally wear these every weekend paired either with a pair of jeans or even a dress. Steve really outdid himself with these, and I must say I really don’t think they are that pricy I mean look at them, they are worth every cent.

Another trend that has recently surfaced is the Vinyl Jacket paired either with a pair of jeans or a really formal dress and heels. Alexander McQueen (Yaaas!) teamed up with the Adidas brand to create this amazing two textured jacket and they have succeeded.

Hope you loved this x

The Great white cotton t shirt
1 270 ZAR –

Adidas vinyl jacket
4 135 ZAR –

Tall skinny jeans
895 ZAR –

Steve Madden rubber sole shoes
1 190 ZAR –

Day pack backpack
1 590 ZAR –

Newgate black dial watch
3 235 ZAR –

Boohoo wrap around necklace
94 ZAR –

Ray-Ban clear round glasses
2 810 ZAR –

Topshop buckle belt
280 ZAR –

Marc jacobs mascara
385 ZAR –

Avon eau de perfume
335 ZAR –

Barry m nail polish
60 ZAR –

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