9 Summer Trends

We all love Summer and more so we love the fact that we can wear light, fluffy neutral colours to any event be it day or night. Don’t get me wrong, Winter Fashion is life, but Summer fashion enables us to do much more and actually see the outfit whereas in Winter layers and layers of clothing is required.

So I handpicked my favorite Summer 2017/2018 trends from Pinterest. I chose a variety so that there is something that all of you will like. Take a look:

(all images courtesy of outfithunter.com)


This is actually my favorite outfit (or is it because this model is perfect and she will look great in anything) I love the wind blowing in the striped shirt dress, paired with a tan waistbelt and lace up heels.  White is always a good colour to go for in Summer as it looks clean and fresh.

I researched to see where we could buy this little gem and found one at http://www.spree.co.za for R350.


This seventies Summer set has become a summer hit. Maybe not ideal paired with boots in Summer but definitely with a wedge, perfect for a night out. Many Cape Town designers have opted to design pieces similar too this.

Take a look @theshopaholic and @taracourtene’s Instagram pages to see if they would design something similar to this.


The white jumpsuit will always be in, it’s elegant for both day and night, at night you can pair it with some chunky jewelry such as these 

You can find similar white jumpsuits on http://www.zando.co.za and Lovisa sells the most amazing gold jewelry.


Jeans, t-shirt and heels is a must for Summer especially for that last minute social events when you didn’t have time to plan a proper outfit. Or maybe just for an easy night out with your girls. Every girl needs a pair of ripped jeans find yours at The Fix. 

We cannot be friends if you do not have a selection of cute (hot) Summer dresses. These are perfect to just throw on before dinner or drinks at a beach cafe, paired with a short heel and a cute little handbag. I am particularly obsessed with the blue off the shoulder dress as it screams “take me now” (not that I would want someone to take me) these can be found at The Fix, Topshop and River Island (which is now purely online)


I don’t think anyone understands how obsessed I am with this dress, it kind of resembles Balenciaga (which I love). I love the floral print along with all the detail and effort that went into creating this beauty. The sleeves are perfect and so different than what you would normally see. This is the perfect outfit for fine dining in Summer. I’m sure this dress would be pretty pricy but take a look at Forever new or Zara if you are looking for something similar. 

There we go ladies, the top trends for Summer if you want to be chic like me. You have no excuse for looking drab this Summer. Comment if you would like to know more about the stores mentioned.



Summer has quickly come and gone

Summer has crept up on us and even though  in Cape Town we know that we need the rain, we can’t help but feel guilty for wanting to just lay out and tan on the shores of Camps Bay. I crave the sand between my toes and the lust for posing in that bikini that I just bought just to show off my well toned bikini body (jokes), just the freedom of that feeling that we are still on summer vacation even though it’s just another Sunday afternoon and we are dreading the fact that it is Monday the next day and we have to go to work.

Sometimes reality is better pushed aside for a few hours, speaking of Sunday afternoon beach trips. It’s actually becoming quite the habit. Last week, my aunt, cousin, York and I took a much needed breakaway from the city to Bloubergstrand, the water is icy, but the clear view of Table Mountain and Robben Island makes it so worth it. We ate at Moyo which was delicious.

My aunt ordered a oxtail meal, my cousin had steak and I had a juicy burger topped with bacon and cream cheese, not forgetting little York who also had a meal of his own, yummy little chicken strips and fries. We ordered a jug of alcohol LoL, it’s like a Sunday tradition to have a drink on a Sunday. Well have fun looking at the pictures below I hope it makes you as hungry as I am right now.

Outfit Details:

Top: shopyorkbonline

Skirt: Refinery


Hey Lovely Humans

So I have been out of it for a while, Blogging is really harder than I thought it would be. I have so much on my plate but I told myself that 2018 will be the year that I invest time and effort into making this blog a huge success.

I recently started my own fashion buying and selling company where I buy and sell clothing, jewelry and handbags. It has been a great success and I hope that by incorporating the business into my blog that I will have great success in both. I will be posting a lot more from now on hopefully once a day. Keep a look out for my post a little later on today to see what I got up to for the last few months of 2017 as well as a little post about my new business.


Nght out

NIght out


Plunge neck top
920 ZAR – rawglitter.com

Bandage skirt
1 215 ZAR – dreamitwearit.com

Giuseppe Zanotti heeled sandals
8 475 ZAR – orchardmile.com

Chloé genuine leather handbag
21 170 ZAR – tessabit.com

Hand crafted jewelry
51 470 ZAR – ylang23.com

Ribbon choker
120 ZAR – simons.ca

215 ZAR – limecrime.com

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics mascara
385 ZAR – harrods.com

Palette eyeshadow
155 ZAR – kikocosmetics.com

NIght out

NIght out

Plunge neck top
920 ZAR – rawglitter.com

Bandage skirt
1 215 ZAR – dreamitwearit.com

Giuseppe Zanotti heeled sandals
8 475 ZAR – orchardmile.com

Chloé genuine leather handbag
21 170 ZAR – tessabit.com

Mini crossbody
590 ZAR – oliverbonas.com

Hand crafted jewelry
51 470 ZAR – ylang23.com

Ribbon choker
120 ZAR – simons.ca

215 ZAR – limecrime.com

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics mascara
385 ZAR – harrods.com

Palette eyeshadow
155 ZAR – kikocosmetics.com

Post baby Bodies

Hey Dolls

This post is going to be a bit personal. I’m not sure if my readers know this but I have a 14 month old son named York, I gave birth to him last year on the 29th March round about 6 pm. It literally was the happiest day of my life (I’m sure all moms would agree). Yes, being a mom is not the easiest job but it is so rewarding, coming home to a smiling toddler when you walk through the front door can melt any person’s heart.

There is a lot of scrutiny surrounding what they call the ‘post baby body’ I personally hate this. If it’s not enough that we hardly have time to apply eyeliner in the morning let alone take a shower now we get judged because we have not lost the baby fat in a certain amount of time after giving birth. Yes I might sound like such an idiot because in some people’s eyes I have the perfect body, no I do not work out or eat healthily. I have always been slender even before giving birth to York, I have never had big breasts or a big behind. I still however get judged because now I am ‘too thin’ which basically states that I am stressed. Yes I am stressed out, I work a full time job, I study part time, I am a mom and I blog so how could I not be exhausted or forget to eat sometimes because feeding York is more important to me.

There are so many woman who are struggling so hard to get rid of the baby weight yet society just keeps on judging them, have a heart, we carried a beautiful soul in our bodies for 9 months gaining so much extra weight because we would eat anything in sight because we were now eating for two. We do not have the time to go to the gym because we have a child to take care of and who has the financial ability to be eating healthy when nappies, wipes and baby milk is what we spend most of our salary on.

It might sound like I’m complaining but I really am not being a mom is the biggest blessing but it is really hard and I want ‘society’ to understand this. Just because I have a full face of makeup everyday and take a million selfies it does not mean that I am not exhausted because I only seemed to get 4 hours of sleep or just because I have no make-up on and my outfit is a mess it does not mean that I am a bad mom and that I am not coping.

I read a blog recently scarymommy.com and she said something that stuck with me take a look:

“You will never look the same again. Your body has changed. Forever. Even if you get back to your pre-baby weight, those pounds will be in all kinds of different places. The terrain has shifted and stretched, drooped in the most inconvenient spots and plumped up in others. For me, some bits feel worse than others: the way the bottom of my bum hangs out of my bathing suit; the new fold of skin at my knees from carrying all that extra weight for nine months (times three); my sagging belly button. Other parts emerge more beautiful than they were before: the curve of a hip; more pronounced cheekbones; lush, hormone-infused hair”

Be happy because a happy mommy makes a happy child.

Take a look at some of my post baby pictures:

  • Jumpsuit – YDE
  • Pink Heels – Mr Price
  • Brown Coat – Truworths

Casual Black Tuesdays

Casual Black Tuesdays


Hey Dolls
Black really is my ‘go to’ colour if all else fails, I mean it’s sophisticated and stylish and you cant go wrong. I love creating sets on Polyvore as it gives so many woman ideas of what to wear and how to throw an outfit together. We all stand in our closets in the morning wondering what to wear when we have so many clothes, well I’m here to help I will post a set once a day to give you ladies and gents some sort of inspiration along with the price list so that if you really love the item you can go and get it. The items on Polyvore are really pricy, but I will try my best to look for the more affordable pieces.
Hope you love x

L K Bennett stripe sweater
1 785 ZAR – halsbrook.com

Kate Spade moto jacket
6 750 ZAR – tradesy.com

Distressed jeans
520 ZAR – prettylittlething.com

Steve Madden block heel shoes
1 035 ZAR – selfridges.com

Travel bag
40 330 ZAR – louisvuitton.com

ROSEFIELD metal watch
1 360 ZAR – topshop.com

Warehouse drop earrings
170 ZAR – warehouse.co.uk

Choker necklace
120 ZAR – simons.ca

Felony Case apple iphone case
535 ZAR – shopbop.com

Round glasses

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics mascara
380 ZAR – harrods.com

Makeup brush
96 ZAR – zaful.com

Elie Saab perfume fragrance
1 895 ZAR – selfridges.com

Chanel nail polish
345 ZAR – harveynichols.com

Black Friday

Black Friday

Hey Dolls

Hope you are having an amazing Friday.

My style has transformed over the years, now I love wearing plain and simple pieces but adding that one item that brings the outfit to life. What is considered to be ‘fashionable’ has evolved so much and by this I mean that fashion used to be over the top but nowadays it is extremely subtle with only one statement piece.

This creation showcases what Fashion is now perfectly. The plain white t-shirt has once again made it’s appearance. Every lady needs a plain white t-shirt, Mr Price as well as Refinery sells quite affordable options ranging from R49- R199 depending on the quality you would like. The white t-shirt featured in the set is really pricy only because it is pure cotton but hey if you can afford it why not (I definitely cannot).

The choker trend has just been gaining popularity, all those girls that said they would never wear chokers (Me included) have now all joined the bandwagon and got with this trend and I am absolutely loving it as there are so many new designs that have surfaced and they are so affordable.

Buckled belts are a must this Winter as it adds an edgy feel to your outfit. I have seen these at Topshop as well as Refinery. (Please note that I absolutely love Refinery)

I am obsessed with these sneakers from Steve Madden, although I cant wear it to work (no sneakers allowed as I work at a law firm) I will literally wear these every weekend paired either with a pair of jeans or even a dress. Steve really outdid himself with these, and I must say I really don’t think they are that pricy I mean look at them, they are worth every cent.

Another trend that has recently surfaced is the Vinyl Jacket paired either with a pair of jeans or a really formal dress and heels. Alexander McQueen (Yaaas!) teamed up with the Adidas brand to create this amazing two textured jacket and they have succeeded.

Hope you loved this x

The Great white cotton t shirt
1 270 ZAR – farfetch.com

Adidas vinyl jacket
4 135 ZAR – tessabit.com

Tall skinny jeans
895 ZAR – zalando.fr

Steve Madden rubber sole shoes
1 190 ZAR – jildorshoes.com

Day pack backpack
1 590 ZAR – hieleven.com

Newgate black dial watch
3 235 ZAR – amara.com

Boohoo wrap around necklace
94 ZAR – boohoo.com

Ray-Ban clear round glasses
2 810 ZAR – ray-ban.com

Topshop buckle belt
280 ZAR – topshop.com

Marc jacobs mascara
385 ZAR – net-a-porter.com

Avon eau de perfume
335 ZAR – avon.com

Barry m nail polish
60 ZAR – asos.com

Edgy Living

Untitled #35


WearAll t shirt dress
180 ZAR – wearall.com

Patched denim jacket
330 ZAR – amazon.com

Calvin Klein over the knee boots
1 050 ZAR – currentboutique.com

Givenchy shoulder handbag
24 965 ZAR – harrods.com

Rosendahl polka dot watch
2 765 ZAR – trouva.com

Vintage earrings
53 ZAR – romwe.com

Prada sunglasses
9 685 ZAR – johnlewis.com

Working girl
215 ZAR – dollskill.com

False eyelash
165 ZAR – etsy.com

Travel bag